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Doula Services

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is such an exciting time for you and your partner and I am so excited you’re seeking doula care. My website is filled with information you’ll find useful about the benefits of hiring a doula and the services that I offer.

Before Birth

1st Meeting

Are we a good fit for each other? It is very important to feel comfortable with your doula, and meeting face to face helps both of us decide if we will be the best match to go on this beautiful journey together. During our first visit, I like to really get to know my clients and what birth means to them. We discuss how the pregnancy has been thus far, and any and all fears surrounding the birth. This meeting is also to find out what your needs are and what I can specifically do for you. This consultation is free of charge and there is no obligation to use Reno Tahoe Birth Services.I am happy to answer questions, should you have any after our initial consultation.

2nd/3rd Meeting

This is the time when the team is being built. I look forward to getting to know you and your birth values. It is my goal to help you gain the knowledge and confidence you will need to empower yourself as you prepare for the life changing experiences of childbirth and parenting. As a member of your birth team it is my job to help you discover your wishes for labor and help you determine my role as your doula and what type of support you need. I will provide you and your partner with emotional, physical, and informational support throughout your journey to help you achieve the birth you want. During these visits we will discuss expectations. What type of setting do you imagine? Do you like to be touched? What tenses up when you are stressed or in pain?
We will:
1. Discuss the different stages of labor.
2. Practice abdominal breathing, relaxation techniques, and visualizations.
3. Go over and practice numerous birthing positions.
4. Discuss variations and unexpected situations in labor, and how to effectively communicate with your birth team.
5. Develop your birth plan.

During the 3rd meeting, we’ll review your final birth plan and find out if Mom is ready and feels she has everything she needs.

Unlimited Phone and Email Support

I am available to you via phone and email, from the day we begin working together until your delivery.


At your first prenatal visit, you will be given a Resource Binder for your use during our time working together. It will include many helpful resources regarding your birth journey. You will also have access to my extensive lending library of childbirth related books.

Birth & Beyond

On Call

I am on call 24 hours/7 days a week for your birth two weeks before and two weeks after your estimated due date.

Labor and Delivery Support

I offer support from the moment you feel you need me. I can come to your home and help with labor there, or meet you at the hospital. During this time, I will encourage relaxation, position changes, pain management techniques and comfort measures to aid in easing labor. My goal is to offer the care and support you need in order to achieve the birth you desire.

Breastfeeding support is also provided during immediate postpartum and during subsequent postpartum visits.

Immediate Postpartum Support

After your delivery, I will be available to help establish breastfeeding and bonding, infant care, and new family care. I can help with proper latch techniques and other breastfeeding basics. Your comfort and your new family’s comfort become my main priority. I know that this time is very special as you meet your new, beautiful baby, and I am sensitive to your wishes to bond as a family.

Postpartum Meeting

About one-two weeks after you give birth, I will come to your home for a postpartum visit. It is important that we discuss your birth, your thoughts–both highs and lows–about your journey. In this postpartum visit, we’ll also discuss your postpartum mood, breastfeeding, infant care, and I will find out if there is anything else you need.

Your Investment:


Discounted rate is available for repeat families. Please contact me for details.

$50 discount if you enroll in my class


Learn more about the services that I offer.