Reno Bradley Childbirth Classes | Reno Nevada Birth Class
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Reno Childbirth Classes

What is the Bradley Method®?

The Bradley Method® is a system of partner-coached childbirth education. The Bradley Method is intended to teach methods of relaxation, self-awareness, and comfort measures to deal with the stress of labor as an alternative to medical interventions. The Bradley Method operates on the premise that birth is a natural, normal process. The laboring woman and her partner can work together through labor without common medications and interventions, if they have the right tools and support.

By the end of the class, you will possess all of the tools you need in order to give your BABY–and your whole family–the best possible start in life. The method’s 87% success rate of normal vaginal birth says it all–there is no better method out there!

When should I start taking classes?

For the most maximum benefit I recommend starting my classes between 28-30 weeks of your pregnancy.

Classes are 2 hours long and include the following topics:

  • Nutrition for pregnancy and how it impacts labor
  • Physical exercises to practice during pregnancy
  • Optimal fetal positioning
  • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and birth
  • Hormones of pregnancy and labor
  • Approaches for pregnancy discomforts
  • How to stay healthy and low risk
  • What to include in your birth plan and what to pack for the hospital 
  • The stages of labor and how to identify them
  • Comfort Measures, Coping Techniques, Patterned Breathing, Counter Pressure, Labor Positions, Acupressure for the Laboring Woman, the Partner’s Role and How to be your own Advocate. 
  • Common Interventions- how to avoid them, what to try instead, and when they become medically necessary.
  • Physical and emotional signposts during labor
  • 3 hour Breastfeeding class taught by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) 
  • Postpartum recovery
  • Typical newborn procedures
  • Newborn care

How much does it cost?

Investment for the 7-week class series is $550 per couple. Week 5 will include a 3-hour breastfeeding class taught by an “International Board Certified Lactation Consultant” (IBCLC). The cost also includes a workbook, notebook, & handouts.  I am also available for phone and/or email consultation should you have questions at any time.

You will always remember the day you gave birth. Make it the best day you’ve ever had. Come get educated, inspired and prepared for your birth in a supportive, comfortable environment. Bond with your partner, empower yourself, and leave ready for your birth.